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By Thiên An Media on 19/05/2023
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I. Overview of the live stream during the event

1.1. What is Livestream in the event?

Live streaming during an event is the process of broadcasting live video and audio from the event, allowing viewers to follow the content on an online media platform such as Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, Tiktok, or other websites. Using an online live stream, viewers can interact with live content through chat systems, polls, giveaways, or other interactive features, creating an experience that resembles participating in events. directly without going to the field.

Normally, businesses will use event live stream services in seminars, concerts, sports matches, weddings,... Event live streams bring a lot of benefits, but letting the event go live Success depends more on audience engagement than on technology.

One of the businesses that use livestream events is Apple. The Apple WWDC (Worldwide Developers Conference) event is held annually and is live-streamed around the world so developers can follow the latest updates of the Apple operating system and their applications.

1.2. The role of the event Livestream service

In the last 3 years along with the explosion of digital technology, the use of livestream to broadcast online events for businesses has become more popular than ever. Therefore, the event livestream service is also gradually becoming popular with companies and plays an important role. Here are 7 parts of the event livestream service:

Brand promotion: The technology era has prompted businesses to have their fan page and YouTube channel with significant likes and followers. Taking advantage of those social networking sites to live stream events is a way for businesses to attract customers' attention and improve their competitiveness in the market. By showcasing their products through a live event, businesses/brands can make a difference and capture the attention of customers. The event is good enough and impressive enough to get more interactions and shares, the greater the brand coverage.

Extended reach: Event live-streaming service allows to reach audiences anywhere in the world, including those who are unable to attend the event due to geography or time.

Cost savings: Event live stream service saves money for organizers because they don't have to pay for some things like venue rental, and sound and light system equipment for the conference room. offer or pay for travel and hotel expenses for speakers and guests, but businesses only need to invest in live streaming devices and Internet connection.

Reach a wider audience: Using live streaming helps your company's events reach a wider audience, including those who can't attend the event in person. Event live streams also allow attendees to share that online video with friends and colleagues, helping to further expand the business' reach.

Increased interactivity: Live streaming allows online audiences to interact directly with the presenter or presenter, and participate in Q&A, or comment.

Archive and redistribute: Event live streaming also allows content to be archived and redistributed to the audience after the event is over, helping to increase the event's reach to the audience.

Show scale and professionalism: When cooperating with a reputable and professional event livestream service company, it will help your event be organized, and increase customer satisfaction and satisfaction about your business. your.

With the above benefits, the event livestream service is a great solution for those who want to organize their event at a reasonable cost and achieve high interactivity and communication.

1.3. The coordination of components in the event Livestream

Content in event live stream: Content is the most important factor to attract and retain audiences. Presentations, chats, or activities in the live stream should be well prepared before taking place and professionally performed on stage.

Host - MC: The host will help retain the audience and help steer the event in the right direction. Should choose MCs with skills and experience suitable for each type of live-streamed event.

Audience: Live streaming requires interaction between the live streamer and the audience. Audiences should be enhanced to interact and connect through means such as chat, email, or social networking platforms to ask questions or give opinions. Livestream also needs to ensure that the audience can watch the event easily through different devices such as phones, tabs, laptops, ...

1.4. A few ideas to help businesses connect with remote audiences while live-streaming the event:

Event Documentation: Provide remote audiences with a downloadable document, slide show, or link to the speakers' website so attendees can more easily follow what's going on during the event's live stream.

Event materials allow the audience to click on arbitrary pages at their own pace, creating comfort and realism, as well as helping the audience not to miss any important information and can use that information later.

Q&A conversation: Q&A in live streaming helps create a direct interaction between businesses and customers. Help customers better understand your products and services. Customers can ask questions and get answers from business representatives about product or service features, functions, and usage.

Livestream the show online “Thành phố tôi yêu”

Livestream the show online “Thành phố tôi yêu”

If customers have questions about products, services, or business-related issues, which are answered directly in the online live stream, it will help customers feel more confident about the business and easier to deal with. deciding to buy a product or use a service.

At the same time, Q&A chats in the online event livestream also help businesses collect feedback from customers. Businesses can assess what customers care about and improve their products or services to better meet customer needs.

II. The process of implementing the event livestream service

The event process and carefully managed. From consultation and event planning to program preparation and implementation, every detail is handled professionally. The team has expertise and experience in the field of event live streaming, ensuring that the event program will be deployed professionally and smoothly.

  1. Receive and process information and requests from customers

  2. Scenario study - program timeline

  3. Make detailed quotations to send to customers

  4. Sign the contract and make the 1st payment

  5. Set up the landscape, camera angle, and connection to transmit images and sound through social networks and start live live-streaming the event.

  6. Acceptance and payment

III. Event live stream service

Unlike other types of videos such as event filming, product introduction videos, TVC commercials, and self-introductions of businesses: 1 scene can take 2-3 shots to get the perfect frame and content, then Livestream Event events require meticulousness - high logic, careful preparation because this is where there is no chance for error. All activities are recorded live and customers can track them.

3.1. Field of activity:

Thien An Media has 05 years of experience in providing professional package event live-stream services in Ho Chi Minh City. We understand the features - the basics in each type of event to get the camera angle and be more flexible in execution.

3.2. Ekip:

The event live-stream team has more than 3 years of experience and works in the field of advertising film with good camera angles, visual thinking, and live shooting techniques.

3.3. Diversify pricing packages:

To match the business scale, event size, and customer requirements, Thien An Media actively builds many different event livestream service price packages to serve many different audiences.

3.4. Service mindset:

Coming to Thien An Media, you will be enthusiastically consulted, exchanged, and proposed suitable solutions for customers to have the best choice. Thien An Media is always aiming for a perfect event live stream program for businesses and is the most professional package event service provider in Ho Chi Minh City.

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