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Thien An Media is a professional TVC production unit with a team of cinematographers and editors who have extensive experience in advertising film making. In addition, Thien An Media will support you with effective communication solutions with the best footage.
By Thiên An Media on 18/05/2023
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I. Advertising film production - What is TVC?

1.1. Advertising film concept

Illustrative example for “production of advertising film - TVC”

Production of advertising film - TVC

TVC stands for Television Commercial (television advertisement) is a 15s-3' marketing video with content, plot and conveys the story and message that businesses want customers to understand. This is a form of media advertising that was born nearly 80 years ago but still holds an important role in the brand or product PR strategies of many businesses. To produce TVC commercials, it is necessary to invest in content, money, time and large human resources, but the communication value and commercial value are high.

1.2. The role of TVC advertising film production in PR and business strategy

In recent years, there have been many forms of brand and product advertising with trending videos on social media channels, personal blogs, shopping malls - streets, e-commerce websites and reaping rewards. great effect, but these are forms of advertising for short-term PR strategies of the nature of instant noodles. Therefore, TVC advertising film production still maintains its position and is increasingly upgrading to meet the needs of customers.

1.3. Common types of TVC (iTVC) commercials

TV Advertising - TVC Ads

Movie commercials - TVC Ads are an expensive form of television advertising with limited broadcast time and strictly censored content. Businesses need a complete marketing plan and a large enough budget to advertise on the desired airtime and repeat frequency regularly to attract customers.

TVC Ads Vinamilk “Ai mắt kiếng, ai giầy độn không”

TVC Ads Vinamilk “Ai mắt kiếng, ai giầy độn không”

Dairy brand Vinamilk ordered the production of TVC advertising film "Ai mắt kiếng, ai giầy độn không" This TVC has a duration of about 30 seconds and is broadcast on many major TV channels in Vietnam, such as VTV, HTV, VTC ,.. The content of the TVC commercial revolves around the message "Vinamilk milk - 3 cups a day for great body", with images of funny cows bringing a sense of joy to viewers.

Online advertising - iTVC or TVC online

Movie advertising - TVC online, also known as online advertising, is a form of advertising that appears on websites and social networks. Unlike TVC Ads, TVC online is not limited in broadcast time and has a much lower cost. Businesses can choose the audience they want to reach and advertise to them.

Pepsi's online TVC

Pepsi's online TVC

Pepsi regularly produces the brand's online TVC ads and posts them on the main page of Facebook, Youtube, and is only shown to users aged 18-35, living in big cities. The promotional video has a duration of 15 seconds, revolving around the theme of "enjoying Pepsi with friends at parties". The vibrant images, catchy music and friendly message helped Pepsi attract the attention of many potential customers and increase the brand's sales.

TVC advertises recruitment

TVC job ads are a form of advertising designed to showcase a business and the benefits of working there. And the main purpose of TVC recruitment advertising is to attract potential candidates to recruit for job positions in the enterprise.

Promotional Film - TVC “Heineken Go Places”

Promotional Film - TVC “Heineken Go Places”

Heineken produced the TVC commercial “Heineken Go Places”. And this TVC exploded strongly and far exceeded initial expectations. The company attracted 300% more job applications through Linkedin than in previous years, and more people participated in the recruitment program, with the average time spent on the site being 5 minutes longer - enough to complete a job. interview. Heineken Go Places has also been honored with many awards at The FWA, Awwwards, Spin Awards.

TVC advertising internal communication

Advertising is used to convey messages and express corporate cultural values. Through messages from leaders, this type of advertising helps to increase the persuasion and credibility of the business in the eyes of employees and stakeholders.

For example: A cosmetics company produces TVC commercials internally to emphasize the unique value of the product and the company's commitment to product quality. During the TVC, the company's CEO gave a speech about the value of quality and the company's commitment to customers and employees. This TVC promotional film helps employees and stakeholders feel secure about the quality of the company's products and increases the persuasiveness in promoting the company's products.

TVC advertising 3D

A form of advertising that uses 3-D graphics technology to create vivid and attractive animations. This is a new technology and is being used commonly in the field of advertising.

3D advertising TVC

3D advertising TVC

A children's toy company produces 3D commercials to showcase its new products. The promotional video is designed with images of "toy" characters running and jumping, fun and lively, creating a strong impression on viewers and helping customers remember the company's products.

1.4. Basic benefits when producing TVC commercials

Affirm business position, enhance brand value

TVC advertising film production company helps increase brand value by conveying positive messages and images about their business, products or services to customers.

Access to potential market

Producing TVC commercials can help businesses reach new potential markets for their products or services. TVCs broadcast on different channels can help reach potential customers in places that the company could not reach before.

Build trust, prestige, reinforce trust about products in the hearts of customers

Quality and creatively invested TVC commercials can help customers trust the company's products and services and feel they are buying a trustworthy product or service.

Diversify advertising forms, promote PR strategy

Brands can convey their messages and values ​​to the masses clearly and visually through advertising films. Besides, producing TVC commercials is also a way to increase interaction and spread the brand's message widely.

Recalling and imprinting the brand in the customer's mind

When a television advertisement appears, it is usually broadcast continuously for a short period of time, creating a strong impression in the viewer's mind. If your ad is creatively designed and attracts attention, it can easily be remembered and widely communicated.

II. Criteria for choosing an advertising film production company

2.1. Promotional video standards

Different from other forms of advertising video such as: Product introduction, business introduction, event filming, event livestream... Producing TVC commercials has a higher difficulty and more standards in terms of: time. (15s–3'), short and meaningful content, ideas, scene settings, camera angles, film colors, actors, camera crew... The most important thing in TVC commercials is still creative ideas.

2.2. Product made

Review the products on the capacity profile of TVC advertising film production company to see if they meet your needs or not. Especially, have you made similar products to your own?

2.3. Professionalism and work handling

When receiving consulting information, does the TVC advertising film production company refer to the full information? Providing effective advertising ideas and solutions for customers is also one of the important criteria to evaluate the capacity of TVC production companies. Thereby, customers can realize the details of their brand product PR campaign in a clearer route.

2.4. Enterprise capacity

Is TVC advertising film production company full of professional skills? Have a close relationship with media companies? Is there an editorial team that provides the best ideas and a team that specializes in TVC production?

2.5. Working process

From receiving information, consulting the market, creating ideas, producing, post-production clips and releasing official clips, TVC advertising film production company must meet a standard process to ensure clip quality, the time of the stages, the total time to meet a standard TVC clip and the communication time of the customer.

2.6. Price of advertising film production service - TVC

You can choose to consult many units,  TVC advertising film production companies  to get a reasonable production price in line with the budget of your business.

III. Advertising film production service - Thien An Media

Advertising film production

Advertising film production

Consulting team: Enthusiastic when receiving information from customers

Editorial team: Come up with unique and good idea options for customers to own a good TVC advertising video

Cinematographer: Over 5 years of experience in TVC, viral, web drama, movie production

Post-production team: Over 3 years of experience in TVC advertising film production, always updating technology trends to improve the sharp and delicate image quality of the product.

Team of KOLs and actors: There are many options for businesses depending on the needs and size of each campaign.

Communication network: Cooperate with media channels Zing TV, YanTV, iTV, TV channels: HTV, DN1, DN2… Your products will quickly reach the right customer target

IV. TVC advertising film production process at Thien An Media

Step 1: Receive and process information and requests from customers

In this step, Thien An Media will receive and process information and requests from customers. The customer will provide Thien An Media with information about the product or service to be advertised, the purpose of the advertisement, the target audience, the time it takes to complete the product, and the budget for the TVC.

Step 2: Discuss in detail all the information given by the customer, payment method

After receiving information from customers, Thien An Media will meet with customers to discuss and determine details of the given information. During this process, the two sides will discuss the idea, the scenario, the time it will take to complete the product, and the payment method.

Step 3: Brainstorm TVC script ideas: Create concepts and ideas to convey the right message

The next step in the production process of TVC commercials will be to come up with ideas and scripts for TVC. During this process, Thien An Media will come up with new and attractive concepts and ideas to convey the right message to customers.

For example


Production Storyboards TVC Adidas Ultra BOOST SS18 (2017) 

Production Storyboards TVC Adidas Ultra BOOST SS18 (2017) 

Step 4: Make a detailed quotation to send to customers

After having an idea and script for TVC, Thien An Media will make a detailed quotation for customers. This quote will include the cost of the entire TVC advertising film production process such as: scripting, hiring actors, renting filming locations, filming equipment, editing, and other related costs. to TVC production.

Step 5: Sign the contract and make the 1st payment

After the customer has accepted the quotation, the next step will be to sign the contract and place the first payment, usually 30% of the project value. This ensures that the production of TVC advertising films will be conducted with a sufficient and appropriate financial source.

Step 6: Approve the final idea, price

After planning the TVC script, Thien An Media will present it to the customer for viewing and approval. If there are changes, corrections and additions will be made. If the idea is accepted, Thien An Media will raise the project cost and submit it to the customer for confirmation.

Step 7: Plan the production: Find the location, actors, filming time, work timeline

After confirming the idea and cost, Thien An Media will plan to produce TVC advertising films. This includes finding the right location for filming, selecting actors, designing the costumes, planning the shooting time and setting the timeline. This whole plan is made to ensure that the production of TVC commercials takes place smoothly and efficiently.

Step 8: Set up the scene and conduct TVC commercial filming

After completing the preparations and determining the production plan, the production team will proceed to set up the filming site. Necessary parts such as lighting, sound, costumes and makeup, filming and staging were incorporated into the scene decoration. The camera crew will join the director and executive producer to begin filming. During filming, actors, artists, or models act out scenes according to a given script.

Step 9: Montage

Advertising film production

Advertising film production - TVC

After completing the filming process, the editing team will proceed to process the photos and video clips to create a finished product. Editing includes color processing, sound editing, visual effects processing, and stitching of clips together to create a beautiful and high-quality product.

Step 10: Send products to customers (3 edits)

The 10th step in the TVC advertising film production process will be to send the product to the customer for evaluation and request correction if necessary. Thien An Media usually gives customers 3 repairs to ensure that the finished product meets the requirements of the customer.

Step 11: Acceptance and payment

After completing 10 steps of the TVC advertising film production process, Thien An Media will conduct product acceptance testing with customers to ensure that the product meets the right requirements and quality. If the product meets the requirements and meets the quality requirements, the customer will make full payment for the TVC advertising film production service of Thien An Media.

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