Filming Product Introduction

Lights, camera, action! Unveil your brand's star quality with our captivating Filming Product Introduction. Get ready to steal the spotlight!
By Thiên An Media on 19/05/2023
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I. The role of video product introduction

1.1. Where is the product promotional video used?

In internal meetings:

This is also one of the great solutions when your company is preparing to launch a new product and needs specific information to choose the right way to promote the product. Video 03–05 minutes to help all employees have a better overview of the product and implementation roadmap.

During product launches:

Instead of thick catalogs for each customer, with videos with content, delicately distilled information from 3-5 minutes will be the best choice to easily penetrate customers' thoughts, also a choice. Choose if you want to save on printing costs and reading time. If another beautiful and professional video will be very attractive to customers.

Advertising on social channels:

With the rapid development of social networking sites (Facebook, Zalo, Instagram, youtube...) with millions of users, e-commerce trading activities take place actively, and video advertising shows the role in business activities. This is an opportunity for our products to reach millions of people.

TV commercials:

Professional introductory videos that meet strict requirements to be shown on TV are also good conditions for product demonstrations.

product introduction video

1.2. The effectiveness of the product introduction video

Help increase views and increase sales:

Views are a measure of your product interest, then the ability to increase sales is very high.

Building good customer trust:

Trust is built with the most intuitive things, that evoke the viewer's emotions, easy to trade

Increase the closing rate:

With huge reach, beautiful images help you increase your chances of closing high in quantity

Google loves to use video in posting and advertising, with embedding video on the web has helped you increase the search rate on the Google page 53 times.

Video is compatible with all devices big and small, modern or normal such as mobile, iPad, computer, TV, projection screen... Especially for mobile phones with a huge number of users.

save time for customers

Instead of searching for product information with just 3-5 minutes of product video, even the laziest customer can still fully grasp the information and easily make a decision.

product introduction video

II. Why should you choose Thien An Media in the project of filming to introduce the product?

Equipment: Full range of filming equipment such as camcorders, lighting equipment, latest video editing machines...

Cinematography team: people with a lot of experience filming famous products and brands, especially made many viral clips and TVCs.

Conceptual team: young, dynamic, artistic, and knowledgeable in filming to express all product messages sufficiently and correctly.

The scene setup team: this is an important part of the video aesthetic, creating a beautiful frame that impresses viewers.

Post-production team: are young people with more than 2 years of editing experience, have good taste and visual thinking, update the latest effects, the most modern techniques, and edit effects to meet all requirements. request from customer

KOLs: have a team of MCs, actors, and singers to help advertise your products to increase influence and credibility

Price: diversify price packages to suit each request from customers.

product introduction video

III. Filming process for product introduction

Step 1: Receive and process information and requests from customers

Step 2: Come up with an idea to make a product introduction video

Step 3: Make a detailed quotation to send to customers

Step 4: Sign the contract and make the 1st payment

Step 5: Approving the final idea, cost, and timeline for video recording

Step 6: Set up the scene and start filming

Step 7: Making Movies

Step 8: Send the product to the customer (3 edits)

Step 9: Acceptance and payment

Lights, camera, action! Unveil your brand's star quality with our captivating Filming Product Introduction. Get ready to steal the spotlight!

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