Folk Games Area For Mid-Autumn Festival

Mid-Autumn Festival is an important holiday imbued with traditional cultural values ​​of Vietnamese people. In addition to delicious moon cakes and attractive movies, folk game areas are also an indispensable part of the full moon night.
By Thiên An Media on 31/08/2023
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Preserving Vietnamese cultural heritage through folk games zones

The Vietnamese are famous for having a rich cultural tradition with hundreds of types of folk art - relics - landscapes... We are extremely proud of being the ones who know how to preserve the national identity. It cannot be denied that when the market economy changes, global commercialization leads to the interference of different cultures, which inadvertently causes the distorted thinking of a part of people. Early recognition of the problem in recent years, a series of programs to launch the movement to preserve national identity took place in order to preserve Vietnamese culture.

The organization of mid-autumn events and traditional activities are given top priority so that children in the new era can still know their ethnic roots. One of the ideas that many people use is the folk game area for the Mid-Autumn Festival.


Mid-Autumn Festival folk games area

Games should be in the Mid-Autumn Festival folk games area

Coconut jackfruit citrus

Coconut jackfruit is a typical game of the Mid-Autumn Festival, requiring the number of people from 8 people or more. An outsider will "hold the one". Other players will line up horizontally and receive names in order: Orange, Tangerine, Jackfruit, Coconut, Melon, Persimmon, Trust. Each person challenge hands behind the back and stand apart. The "handler" will choose a person by placing something in their hand and that person needs to preserve the object in the hand. The selected person must run to the marked finish. The two people around him had to try to stop him. If the player runs to the finish line successfully, they can ask anyone in the line to carry them back.

Blind man's bluff

This is not only a fun game during the Mid-Autumn Festival but also regularly appears in the daily meeting activities of children of all ages. This game not only helps children to be aware of movement and dance, but also trains their reasoning and thinking ability. In particular, it also contributes to creating an atmosphere of joy and solidarity.

How to play is as follows:Everyone stands in a circle, holding hands. One person chosen to play the role of a wolf and blindfolded stands in the center of the circle. People sing the song "Cat blindfolded goat". At the end of the song, the wolf player must try to run to "catch" another person in the circle. If the wolf player correctly guesses who the captured person is, they win and the wolf player is replaced.

Break the earthen pot

If you are wondering what to do to have a fun and unique Mid-Autumn Festival, but don't want to play the familiar games every day, an interesting suggestion is the game "Blind-up smashing the pot". This game is applicable to both adults and children, helping to create an interesting and dramatic space.

How to play is as follows:Players are divided into two teams, each consisting of two people. One person in each team will be carried on the other, the other will be blindfolded and led to the place where the pot is hanging. The blindfolded person must try to smash the pot so that it breaks without instructions from the carrier. The team that breaks the pot first will be the winner.

If you are worried that using a pot may be dangerous, you can replace the pot with other items such as: stuffed animals to ensure the safety of participants.

Baked potato leaves

In this game, everyone sits in a circle, puts their hands on the ground and reads the song 'Using potato leaves'. When reading the song, the player claps his hand on the hand of the person next to him to the beat. Whoever beats the wrong beat loses and has to take a penalty.

Train ride game

How to play: Everyone stood in a vertical line, the latter put their hands on the shoulders of the former, forming the shape of a train. The leader will run and shout "Train uphill" or "Train downhill". When hearing the command "Train uphill", everyone runs slowly, running on tiptoe. When hearing the command "Train downhill", people run slowly with their heels. During the run, everyone sang the rhyme:

"Go to the bar to go to the bar

Go sell piglets

Go buy a saucepan

Bring home to cook

Buy a watermelon

Back to grandparents

Buy a flock of chickens

About feeding rice

Buy a hairbrush

Buy a pair of headbands

Go quickly, come back quickly

Or it's going to get dark."

Rules of the game: The whole train must run according to the command of the train leader and sing the rhyme together. If anyone sings softly or does not perform the correct running movement, the whole train will take a gentle punishment (the fine depends on the regulations that the train has chosen).


During the Mid-Autumn Festival, jigsaw puzzles are also an interesting activity for the little ones. You can divide the children into small groups, arrange the space so that it is reasonable, use the board and the puzzle pieces for them to put together an image related to the Mid-Autumn Festival. Since this is a team game, it is necessary to choose a large puzzle piece that can be made from a notebook. The overall size of the picture to be assembled is about 3×1 meters, each group has from 5 to 10 children. The puzzle piece should be made from the same material as format, which is both cheap and durable, suitable for young children. Each puzzle piece should have a small pattern so that the children know what to put together. The team that completes the correct and fastest picture wins and is given gifts such as dolls, teddy bears or cars.

Treasure hunt

You will divide the babies into groups (flexible number optional). They will participate through many challenges and rounds. Each round will provide a hint as to the final location of the treasure, or maybe instead of a hint, each round will help collect a key to open the treasure. It will all depend on the specific organization of the game.

The treasure can be a box filled with candies and toys for children. Although the preparation can be tricky, the kids are sure to have an enjoyable and fun-filled game experience.


Treasure hunt game

Hoop Jump

Jumping hoop is a game for large groups, requiring at least 10 people, divided into 2 teams. A team squats in a circle, holding hands. The other team will jump through the arms of the other team, as if it were to overcome obstacles. At each "door", members of the team sitting in a circle can swing their arms high or low to make it difficult for the opposing team's jumpers.

Gestures and poses

How to play: This game requires each team to take turns sending one person onto the field to describe the gestures, movements, and posture of a particular character. The game administrator will ask the player to perform gestures and actions related to a certain character. For example: A player is playing football, a doctor is examining a patient, etc. Players will have to find a way to show gestures and actions of that character for the audience to guess. The team that best represents the required character will win.

Note: This is a fun and creative game where players have to humorously and creatively express the gestures and poses of different characters.

Some notes when setting up the Mid-Autumn Festival folk game zone

  • Should not cram too many games when the venue is too small, please estimate the number of attendees to choose the right one.
  • It is necessary to rent an umbrella or a theater to avoid risky situations such as buying wind or strong sunlight.
  • The game areas must be arranged reasonably, with a certain distance.
  • Space decorations should be in folk style to suit the context: gongs, monkey bridge, flowers and grass, banyan trees, wells....
  • Hire characters to create more atmosphere for the folk games area such as: dragon lion, bubble clown, grandfather, artisan to he...

Above is information about the organization of the Mid-Autumn game booth for children. These stalls not only contribute to making the holiday more joyful but also bring many valuable lessons for children.

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