The Best Mid-Autumn Festival Organizing Idea

Organizing an engaging Mid-Autumn Festival night that preserves traditional cultural values while embracing modernity is no simple task. Below are some of the best organizing ideas for a Mid-Autumn Festival celebration that meet these criteria and that you can consider.
By Thiên An Media on 01/09/2023
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Some fun and festive Mid-Autumn ideas for kids

Folk fair

You can organize a folk fair filled with traditional foods and games. Recreate scenes of lantern procession, breaking ceremony, making lampsMid-Autumnand make it like the old days. These activities are especially meaningful for young children in the city, helping them discover the true identity of the Mid-Autumn Festival.

Organizing cooking and making moon cakes

Jobs such as picking vegetables, stirring dough, decorating, ... help children learn, explore more knowledge, cherish traditional values. A compliment from an adult for a child is important to help children gain confidence in their self-worth and understand the meaning of the good work they are doing.


Organizing moon cake making in the Mid - Autumn Fesstival

Let your baby visit

This is a popular form used for many years now, mass organizations can organize a visit to the relic site, a traditional craft village or an amusement park on the Mid-Autumn Festival. This is an opportunity for children to go out to release their energy and learn many interesting things about the world around them

Singing / Performing Arts

In the night, indispensable performances such as singing, dancing. You can organize a cultural program for the children to have the opportunity to shine and show their talents. In addition to dancing and singing, there are other forms such as: story telling or acting, etc. The skits should revolve around the theme of the song.Mid-Autumnto help children better understand the meaning of this Tet holiday.

LIon Dance/ Dragon Dance

Lion dance or Gragon dance is a special traditional activity of the Mid-Autumn Festival in our country. No matter how time changes, traditional values ​​gradually fade away, but when the Mid-Autumn Festival comes, the sound of drums is still loud and the image of the lion dance troupe still shines on the streets. If you do not have the conditions to prepare splendid lion dance costumes, you can manually draw masks, create a simple unicorn costume and combine music from drums and gongs to create a live performance. movement for babies.

Masquerade festival

No need to wait until Halloween, even during the Mid-Autumn Festival, you can organize an interesting carnival. Most children love this game. To match the spirit of the Mid-Autumn Festival, you can invite children to choose to dress up as folk characters such as Uncle Cuoi, Ms. Hang, etc. Makeup not only brings joy when transforming into shape. characters they love, but also help children express their own personality, develop their own style and express their personal interests.

Making handmade lanterns

It is a fact that in recent years, traditional Mid-Autumn Festival lights are becoming less and less popular. However, one of the important meanings of the Mid-Autumn Festival is to maintain and preserve cultural traditions. Therefore, in Mid-Autumn Festival activities, priority should be given to traditional games rather than organizing too many modern games.

Teaching and accompanying young children how to make a star lantern is a simple activity that can be held anywhere. Simple handmade lamps not only help children exercise their agility and dexterity, but also give them a sense of pride and happiness when they can create a lamp with their own hands.

Mid-Autumn Festival lantern procession

A full Mid-Autumn Festival is indispensable for the procession of the star lanterns. Children holding hands together, walking around the streets and alleys, creating a lovely and joyful image. In addition to the traditional 5-pointed star lights, today, Mid-Autumn Festival lights have many different variations such as: monk lights, fish lights, rabbit lights, etc. with more beauty and sophistication. Being with friends to carry the lanterns will definitely create memorable memories in their beautiful childhood.


Fun and meaningful Mid-Autumn Festival procession

Ideas for organizing Mid-Autumn Festival for the company

Taste the cake and guess the taste

CakeMid-Autumn- An indispensable dish in this holiday. However, instead of simply enjoying the cake, you can organize a game to both bring fun activities for employees and help them better understand moon cakes.

Prepare:CakesMid-Autumnwith a variety of flavors, it is recommended to use cakes with novel flavors to make the game more interesting; blindfolds.


  • Divide employees into teams, each team has an equal number of members (from 2 to 5 people).
  • All members of each team will be blindfolded and only use their sense of taste to feel the cake.
  • Organizers prepare a plate containing at least 10 types of cakesMid-Autumndifferent. Each team will have 30 seconds to enjoy and guess the taste of each cake.
  • After 30 seconds, each team took turns giving answers about the taste of each type of cake they enjoyed. The team with the most number of correct answers will be the winner.

Blow out the candle

On every Mid-Autumn Festival, in addition to the procession of lanterns to break the festival, have you ever participated in the game of burning candles and launching boats under the moonlight? It is an indispensable part of the childhood of the children of the first 9x and 10x generations. Bring the candlelit space into the office and try to organize the game "Blow out the candle" during the dayMid-Autumn

Tools and instruments: Choose tealight candles (or tea candles) made from vegetable wax, with a covered base to ensure safety during play.


The organizers choose a space with airy and windy air. Prepare 2 tables and place about 20 burned candles on each table. The order of the candles on the table is random, but the same arrangement should be maintained for all teams to ensure fairness.

  • In front of each table, place a string or line to mark where the teams stand.
  • Divide employees into teams with an equal number of members.
  • Each game has 2 teams participating. The task of the members is to take turns standing in front of the table, at the line, and blowing to extinguish the candles placed on the table.
  • Depending on the number of members in the teams, each turn lasts from 30 seconds to 1 minute, to avoid making the candle go out too quickly.
  • The first player blows first, then the second, then the third. When the allotted time ends, the team that blows out more candles wins that turn.
  • Continue playing other turns until the winner is found.

"True or Dare" Mid-Autumn Festival version

True or Dare is a familiar game in teambuilding activities or in the office. During the Mid-Autumn Festival, you can also organize this version of the game as follows:


"True or Dare" Mid-Autumn Festival version

Tool: A ballpoint pen, a bottle of mineral water or a spinner.


  • All employees or members of a department sit in a circle. Place the rotary tool in the center of the circle.
  • Each turn, the spinner will only come to one person. He or she will have to choose between answering a question or taking on a challenge.
  • Questions and challenges should revolve around the theme of the Mid-Autumn Festival. For example: "Do you have any embarrassing memories of going out?Mid-AutumnAre not? If yes, share it with everyone." Or "Have you ever done something stupid during the dayMid-AutumnNot yet? Tell everyone."
  • For the challenge, you can set tasks like "Call a friend and ask them outMid-Autumnwith you."
  • Performers can decline and choose "True" or "Dare" differently if they don't want to take the first question or challenge.
  • Continue spinning the instrument and repeat the above process until everyone has been engaged.

Hopefully, these ideas for organizing the Mid-Autumn Festival from Thien An Media will help you organize a meaningful and joyful Tet holiday season. In addition, if you are in need of organizing an event, please contact us for advice and a quote for a quick and free full Mid-Autumn Festival organizing service.

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