Info Finance - The Biggest Financial Investment Festival in 2023

The Info Finance event is an opportunity that helps investors enhance their financial thinking abilities, develop relationships, and explore new opportunities.
By Thiên An Media on 30/05/2023

I. About Info Finance


The biggest financial investment festival in 2023

Info Finance is the leading stock exchange information search tool in Vietnam today, highly appreciated by experts for its transparency and safety. The tool provides investors with information about:

  • Quickly provide the latest information on the investment market
  • Community to exchange and learn with traders in the industry
  • Search and sort reputable brokers around the world
  • Support to resolve transaction-related complaints
  • Announce the brokers that are having problems.

And "Info Finance Investment Festival 2023 - "Prestige creates a brand" is also within the framework of Info Finance's organization.

II. Information about the event "Info Finance Investment Day 2023"

Recently at Vinpearl Luxury LandMark 81, Thien An Media was honored to be a companion with Info Finance to organize the biggest financial investment event in 2023.

Financial Investment Fair is sponsored by Phap Luat newspaper, with the participation of many leading experts in the financial world, attracting a large number of attendees with nearly 1500 investors with the aim of learning, Update new knowledge about the financial industry, as well as expand a new network of relationships.


Opening event


Attendees showed up very early

During the festival, many interesting activities as well as financial booths were organized by participating sponsors. Especially in the program, there were 3 lucky investors who received attractive prizes including an Airblade motorbike, a Sony TV and a Macbook Air M1 which were awarded directly at the event.


Question and answer minigame booth


Demonstration with led technology


Attendees win Honda Airblack motorbikes

In addition, valuable sharing from the world's leading experts has contributed to making the event more attractive than ever. The topics discussed revolved around:

  • Sharing about the flow of the market economy, the situation on the international and domestic stock markets, and the potential for future development.

    Speculative psychology and how to effectively take advantage of the support of technology in investment

    Discussing two forms of traditional investment and investment 4.0, helping investors have an objective view and choose the most suitable investment method.

    Learn safe financial investment plans and measures to avoid financial risks.


Experts share financial knowledge

And finally, congratulations on the successful Investment Day. Through this event, Info Finance has contributed to promoting the development of more positive thinking of investors in financial investment in Vietnam. Thien An Media hopes that there will be opportunities to continue to cooperate with Infor on new projects in the future.

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